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From the creators of the fastest growing football brand in the USA.

At Phenom Flag Football, we bring the expertise and passion of former Division 1 Football and NFL players to revolutionize the youth football experience. Our founders, who grew up playing ball in their local rec football league, have witnessed both the highs and lows of youth football. With this in mind, we’ve crafted a platform that offers the best of the best, making us the ultimate choice for families seeking a top-tier football experience.
Phenom Flag Football

The Phenom FTBL Difference

Phenom FTBL Logo
Our founders’ journey from local rec leagues to the NFL has given us an unparalleled understanding of what excellence in football entails. We’ve taken the best practices and combined them into one platform, ensuring that your child receives top-notch coaching, facilities, and game day experiences.
We understand that families have different preferences. That’s why we offer two distinct leagues. For those seeking competition, our competitive league allows teams to form and play against each other. Alternatively, we have a league designed for fairness, with teams created based on proximity and skill levels. We cater to every child’s unique needs and aspirations.
At Phenom Flag Football, we believe in sparing no expense to secure the best fields in the area. Your child will play on top-notch facilities that provide the perfect backdrop for their football journey.
Our game day experience is second to none. With music, concessions, merchandise, and an infectious energy, we make every game a memorable event. Our goal is to ignite a passion for football in every child, ensuring they always want to play more.
We take the integrity of the game seriously. That’s why we hire professional, top-rated referees who intimately understand the rules. Fair play and sportsmanship are at the heart of what we do.
Our operators are the best in the area, and they’ve been extensively trained to deliver the finest experience possible. From registration to game day logistics, we prioritize excellence at every step.

Our League


Our league offers the best uniforms in the country.

At Phenom Football, we stand out through our ability to provide our athletes with the best gear from head to toe. Drawing from our background as former collegiate and professional athletes, we recognize the importance of looking good, feeling good, and playing at your best. 

Phenom Flag Football
Phenom Flag Football


No problem! We have a program to help with financial assistance for our Phenom FTBL participants.

Why Flag Football?

Flag football offers several benefits compared to traditional tackle football, making it a popular choice for people of all ages and skill levels. Some of the key benefits of flag football include:

Reduced Risk of Injury

Flag football eliminates the physical contact and tackling present in traditional football, reducing the risk of injuries such as concussions, sprains, and fractures. It is considered a safer alternative, especially for children and recreational players.
Phenom Flag Football

Skill Development

Flag football emphasizes skill development, including passing, catching, running routes, and strategic gameplay. It provides opportunities for players to improve their agility, speed, and decision-making skills.

Fitness and Fun

Flag football provides a fun and engaging way to stay active and fit. It appeals to individuals who want to enjoy the excitement of football without the physical intensity of tackle football.

Low Equipment Costs

Compared to traditional football, flag football requires minimal equipment, such as flags, a football, and appropriate clothing. This makes it more affordable for participants.
Girl flag football players line up on a field

Social Interaction

Playing flag football fosters teamwork, communication, and social interaction. It allows individuals to build strong bonds with teammates, enhancing their sense of belonging and camaraderie.


Flag football can be played in a variety of settings, including parks, recreational fields, and indoor facilities. It doesn’t require a specialized field or equipment, making it accessible to communities with limited resources.
Phenom Flag Football


Flag football can be adapted to suit different age groups and skill levels, from youth leagues to adult recreational leagues. It can also be modified for different formats, including 5-on-5 or 7-on-7 play.

Competitive Play

Flag football leagues and tournaments offer opportunities for competitive play, allowing players to test their skills and compete at different levels of competition.

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